Total assets increased to 476.5 million euros (2015: 461.0 million euros).

The carrying value of fixed assets increased by 11.6 million euros to 317.7 million euros (2015: 306.1 million euros). Intangible assets saw the largest absolute change, which was particularly the result of investments in software to secure existing data center capacities over the long term as well as expand their use. With regard to property, plant, and equipment, a yearover-year increase in the stock of technical and office equipment (particularly PC systems and data center hardware) as well as advance payments made (particularly for technical equipment for printing operations) was offset by a lower reported value of the office building as a result of depreciation.

As in the previous year, fixed assets were covered by equity at a rate of 59% and comprised 67% of total assets on the balance sheet, remaining nearly unchanged year over year.

Current assets increased by 4.7  million  euros and totaled 143.8 million euros at the end of the reporting period (2015: 139.1 million euros). Trade receivables increased due to higher sales revenue generated in December. An increase in tax receivables led to an increase in other assets.