Earnings Performance

Sales Revenue

DATEV generated sales revenue of 880.8 million euros in 2015 (2014: 843.5 million euros) and, in doing so, continued the positive growth seen in recent years. This corresponds to year-over-year growth of 37.3 million euros, or 4.4%. All product groups contributed to the increase in revenue.

For the third time in a row, the accounting product group achieved the greatest revenue growth of all product groups in absolute terms, with an increase of 14.3 million euros (2014: 16.3 million euros). The lion’s share of the product group’s revenue growth (11.3 million euros) was generated with tax consultants. Solutions for companies contributed 3.0 million euros to the product group’s revenue growth.

The IT sourcing product group remained on the road to success with an increase of 4.3 million euros in sales revenues (2014: 4.8 million euros). In a comparison of all product groups, this product group achieved the second-highest revenue growth in absolute terms.

The human resources product group achieved revenue growth of 3.9 million euros (2014: 10.7 million euros). The number of employees processed per month remained steady at significantly above 11 million per month, a slight increase from the previous year.

The internal organization product group continued to grow in 2015. Its revenue growth of 3.8 million euros (2014: 2.2 million euros) was once again thanks to the document management system (DMS). Sales revenue generated by the seminars and consulting product group increased by 2.1 million euros (2014: 0.0 million euros). This positive growth was particularly due to product-related consulting services.

sales growth


In the 2015 fiscal year, operating expenses increased to 831.7 million euros (2014: 805.8 million euros). This corresponds to an increase of 25.9 million euros, or 3.2%. Compared to revenue growth, operating expenses increased at a disproportionately lower rate during the fiscal year.

Primarily higher revenue-related licensing and shipping costs led to an increase in the cost of materials of 2.6 million euros to a total of 49.4 million euros (2014: 46.8 million euros).

Personnel expenses increased year over year by 22.1 million euros to 529.1 million euros (2014: 507.0 million euros).

In addition to the number of total employees once again increasing, regularly scheduled salary increases and bonus payments played a key role in this increase.

Write-offs increased by 2.4 million euros to 49.8 million euros (2014: 47.4 million euros). This rise was the result of both increased investment activities due to expanding data center capacity as well as the beginning of depreciation the newly constructed DATEV IT Campus 111 after its completion.

Other operating expenses decreased by 1.1 million euros, totaling 203.5 million euros for the fiscal year (2014: 204.6 million euros). This decline was particularly due to lower expenses for public relations activities. The expenditures associated with the founding of DATEV-Stiftung Zukunft in the previous year led to a corresponding decline in this regard. Furthermore, transitioning from the use of temporary employees to salaried employees led to a decrease in other personnel expenses. In contrast, expenses for other external services, maintenance, and expenses for hardware, software, and telecommunication increased.

expense items 2015


At 56.7 million euros, the operating result for the reporting year was 4.3 million euros higher than in the previous year (2014: 52.4 million euros). The financial result changed slightly by 0.3 million euros to –7.2 million euros (2014: –6.9 million euros). This financial loss is primarily due to interest payments resulting from the financing for DATEV IT Campus 111 as well as the assumption of losses from the profit and loss transfer agreement with DATEV IT Dienstleistungs- und Service GmbH.

A net total of 38.1 million euros was paid to members in the form of a cooperative refund (2014: 36.8 million euros).