In the 2015 fiscal year, DATEV continued its successful business development. As was expected, the cooperative succeeded once again in increasing sales revenue and earnings year over year. Both a stable macroeconomic environment as well as a moderate economic upswing in Germany contributed to this result.

Sales revenue growth of 4.4% played a key role in the cooperative’s success in the fiscal year. As a result, DATEV outperformed both the growth of the overall German economy (1.7%) as well as that of the industry. According to the industry association Bitkom, the market for information technology in Germany grew by a total of 4.2%.

growth rates

Profits generated by the professional cooperative are returned to its members in the form of a cooperative refund and, thanks to a refund rate of 5.0% of refundable annual sales revenue, this enabled DATEV to pay out a net total of approximately 38.1 million euros to its members (2014: 36.8 million euros).

On February 14, 2016, DATEV celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding and, as such, now looks back on five successful decades as a cooperative.