Progressive digitization is not only changing day-to-day business operations. In the future, entirely new entrepreneurial business models will appear. We offer customized solutions for consultancies and clients who already use the Internet as a natural part of their lives today and for a generation that are already citizens of the digital world. But also for everyone that is gradually moving in this direction. This is how we ensure that they feel at home in this world, can operate in a future-proof manner, and can fully tap the opportunities the digital transformation offers.

terabytes of disk storage space at its data center.

Digital Transformation of Processes

Mobile devices make it possible to access data from anywhere at any time..

Digital Transformation of Processes

Companies do it, tax consultants do it, the fiscal authorities do it – in the business world today, nearly every step is documented digitally, and the list of electronic reporting obligations grows with each passing year. Processes are automated and connected. As a result of the digital transformation, new opportunities will present themselves at all levels – for products, services as well as business processes.

Gain a Digital Edge

According to the 2016 PwC study “Industry 4.0: Building the Digital Enterprise,” out of 2,000 companies in nine sectors of industry in 26 countries, the companies surveyed stated that they want to double the level of digitization in their company by 2020 in order to cut costs by 3.6% annually. The companies’ ranges of products and services will be expanded to include digital solutions that offer customers added value and extended features. At the same time, innovative digital services, such as the analysis of big data, form the basis for better strategic decisions and, as such, strengthen the foundation for longterm customer relationships.

Not every company has already traveled down the same path on the road to completely digital day-to-day business activities. And this is where we see our mission – as a pioneer and companion to consultants and companies. For every speed and every pacemaker – for companies that want to move forward cautiously or those that want comprehensive, state-of-the-art digital solutions.

Data Access from Anywhere at Any Time

Today, a significant amount of information already exists in digital form – from quotes to time sheets to invoicing documents. We support consultants and clients in intelligently bringing this information together. Using the DATEV Cloud, data can be accessed at any time, from any location, in a manner that is compliant with legal requirements. With the “DATEV 2025” strategic areas of activity, we want to further expand this level of flexibility and mobility, and expand it systematically, without the need to switch between different data formats – because creating the foundation for automated processes that truly help everyone requires the individual, digitized steps of the process to be seamlessly connected.

Fully digitized processes free consultancies and companies from time-consuming routine tasks, which is time they can use for more exigent, profitable activities. An additional benefit is that the central, digital platform for business activities creates the desired level of transparency and openness, both internally within the company as well as outwardly toward customers and banks.

LEXinform Integrates Content from Third Parties

Legislators, fiscal authorities, and the courts make changes to tax law on an almost daily basis. Sometimes, it is only nuances in how to apply a regulation; other times, it is a complete change in legal practice. This means tax consultants need to constantly keep themselves up to date in order to advise their clients in an ideal manner. In order to support our members in their daily research, we have made it even easier to search for specialized information in our LEXinform database. At the same time, we added more content and made it possible to access content from third-party publishers.

In the future, our members will be able to easily research tax-related or business-related topics on our platform with only one search query. Our first partner at the time of launching LEXinform Publisher Search is the renowned specialist publisher NWB. And a connection to content from juris and juris alliance partners is already planned.

Up until now, tax consultants that wanted to learn more about a specific issue were forced to conduct separate searches in several databases. Those days are over – members now only need to conduct a single, comprehensive search on LEXinform to find the information they are looking for. As an added bonus, the new publisher search in the LEXinform database also manages subscriptions to external specialist databases. Furthermore, it is also possible to manage desired users’ existing access rights there. With our expanded publisher search feature, we are taking a further step toward achieving the openness and integrability that we have defined as a goal.

Digital Transformation of Processes

Analyses from the cloud can easily be shared between tax consultants and business owners.

The new standard interface was introduced in August 2016 for on-premises accounting solutions. It will gradually be implemented in all relevant product groups.

DATEVconnect online in the

DATEVconnect and DATEVconnect online –
Connecting Partners

Our goal is to replicate our clients’ business processes with our software to the greatest possible extent without the need to switch data formats. This is why we have created a partner ecosystem, the DATEV Marketplace ( Here, you can find software solutions by a variety of additional providers that complement our range of products and are equipped with interfaces tested by DATEV.

The new, cross-system interface DATEVconnect online is, in principle, available to all users of cloud-based ERP solutions. The idea behind it is simple: the core feature is the ability to transfer digital accounting documents between the systems. These documents, which are saved on the system of the respective cloud provider, are uploaded to the DATEV data center via this encrypted interface. Here, the tax consultant can access the data and process it directly. This is a solution that continuously accompanies the business processes and does not require any of the parties involved to switch between different formats.

Data Transfer Made Easy

In addition, we developed a new standard interface – named DATEVconnect – that allows you to connect our on-premises solutions to business applications from other providers. Corporations often use industryspecific software, and small companies usually use general applications. With DATEVconnect, companies can easily exchange the data saved in these applications with the DATEV solutions used by their tax consultant.

Take, for example, accounting: The company’s software can now exchange transaction, open-item, or vendor data with DATEV’s software. Previously, the parties involved were forced to complete complicated manual steps to transfer this data. With DATEVconnect, this is a thing of the past – you can now easily connect the respective applications and transfer data in both directions.

Regardless of whether in the cloud or using on-premises software applications – we support business processes comprehensively and without the need to switch between different data formats. In doing so, we are opening ourselves up to other providers and ultimately ensuring that we shape the digital transformation together for the benefit of our members and their clients.