At DATEV, sustainability is more than just a green logo. As a cooperative, we are not interested in short-term profit increases. Instead, our focus is on the long-term, and as such, sustainable view – at the financial, social, and environmental level.

Sustainable development combines economic progress with social development and the protection of natural resources. This is why, as a cooperative, we have made the three-pillar model of sustainability the guiding principle behind all of our activities. To us, this means future-oriented business activities primarily for our members, environmental protection as a management duty, and responsibility for employees and society.

We want to secure the long-term commercial success of the entire cooperative and  face the challenges created by the digital transformation head-on. With “DATEV 2025,” we defined strategic areas of activity to focus on in order to fully tap into our potential and to successfully guide our members and their clients down the road toward the digital future.

Our employees also benefit from this sustainable company philosophy. We want to remain an attractive employer in the future and acquire the best and brightest minds – and keep them. As a result, we offer our staff flexible working hours for every living situation – and develop young talent in order to create loyalty to our company early on.

We incorporate the basic principles of environmental protection into the development of products, the use of services, and the design of business processes. When it comes to protecting the environment, we think ecologically from the planning to disposal of a product. Resource efficiency, such as our green IT guidelines at our data center and the use of renewable energy sources, help us put sustainable operations into practice in everything we do.

Green Controlling Award

Because of this, we received the 2016 Green Controlling Award from the Péter Horváth Foundation in cooperation with the International Controllers Association (ICV) for our approach to sustainability. This award is given annually to honor controlling solutions that integrate exemplary aspects of sustainability into corporate management.

Our concept “Sustainability Check – Management Tool to Ensure Sustainability in Corporate Management” won the jury over. They based their decision on the fact that, at DATEV, sustainability is incorporated both into our organizational structure as well as our business processes. The Controlling department discloses sustainability in its figures, and a defined set of KPIs is used to implement and manage it operatively – which is a comprehensive view of sustainability that stands out.

DATEV gives more than
employees the space they need to unleash their creativity – as a key driver of innovation

Sustainability and the Cooperative

We use and develop our employees’ creative potential.

Sustainability and the Cooperative

The company has special conference rooms that allow employees to explore new technologies in a playful way.

Sustainability and the Cooperative

Our “free space” invites employees to try out new products and discuss ideas with others.

Sustainability and the Cooperative
Sustainability and the Cooperative

The goal of the first camp was exploring new horizons. Employees and members of the Executive Board discuss new ideas and current issues together within the meaning of the DATEV spirit.

Research Projects for the Future

A framework agreement with the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) makes an extensive research partnership possible. As a result, we are expanding our collaboration with one of Germany’s largest universities. The focal points of our joint projects are computer science as well as law and economics.

This is a partnership that benefits both sides  – questions for academia develop out of real-world applications, and, in the other direction, the researchers can test their results in the real world. One example of this comes from the first research and development agreement, in which we are supporting a student’s doctoral studies in computer science. The goal of the project is to further increase the security of apps on mobile devices, for example by preventing unauthorized access based on the device’s unique characteristics.

Providing Support Through Cultural Exchange

We take our responsibility for society and our region seriously, which is why this year we once again supported the Nuremberg Dürer-Gymnasium’s exchange program in the United States as part of our sponsorship of the secondary school. Within the scope of the program, now in its 19th year, students from the school were once again able to attend a high school in the United States in 2016 for one year. In fact, students who earn their high school diploma even gain the qualification needed to attend an American university.


Second place in the category for companies with more than 5,000 employees
DATEV continues to be a “Great Place to Work” and is among the best employers in Germany. Our employees rate us particularly high when it comes to corporate culture and their loyalty to us as an employer.

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