Secure e-mails as a PDF

You have received confidential data via e-mail, encrypted as a password-protected PDF.

How to open PDF file attachments

The procedure depends on the version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader used (this is a program to display PDF documents). You can determine the version via the menu Help | About Adobe Reader.

Version XI: Please click on the paper clip symbol in the left hand corner or call the menu button View | Show/Hide | Navigation Panes | Attachments. A list pops up containing the file attachments of the original e-mail

Answering safely

You can send the recipient a safe answer. In order to do so, open the attached password-protected PDF file, and click on the button Sicher antworten. Login to the browser with your PDF password, and safely encrypt and submit your message, confidential data, and documents.

Do you use DATEV mIDentity or DATEV SmartCard?

In this case, the sender is able to encrypt e-mails with the certificate embodied on DATEV mIDentity or DATEV SmartCard. You will not need to contact the sender for the PDF password anymore. The key import also works with other S/MIME based encryption solutions or PGP.

Password-protected PDF on Mac, iPhone, iPad, from Windows 8.1

The internal PDF preview on Mac, iPhone/iPad and from Windows 8.1 cannot display the password-protected PDF file. Please install another PDF reader, for example, the free-of-cost Adobe Reader in its current version.

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